This Again?

Yep, this again. Except this time, it’s breast cancer. Follow along as I navigate. It’s not going to be pretty (the blog OR the “trip”) – but it’ll be honest.

Latest from the Blog

Hanging in

We are three days post-chemo, round 2. The last two days were fine – no real difference from the few days before that. Today – lower energy for sure, but the bone pain has set in. I’m on Neulasta, which is a med to help boost my white blood cell count, and thus hopefully preventContinue reading “Hanging in”

Chemo, Take 2

Chemo went well today. We took some extra precautions in hopes of preventing a reaction, and those worked. No reactions – just smooth infusions. I still feel pretty good today, at least physically, so that’s good. My nurse was fun :). She also took care of re-packing my wound, so glad for that. In otherContinue reading “Chemo, Take 2”

Catching up…

What a week. So…… yeah. Went to see wound care. The doctor was great, and so was the nurse. He ended up packing it with gauze, which needs changed every day. They’re trying to get home health care to come do it, but for today – Travis had to do it. He was very braveContinue reading “Catching up…”

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