This Again?

Yep, this again. Except this time, it’s breast cancer. Follow along as I navigate. It’s not going to be pretty (the blog OR the “trip”) – but it’ll be honest.

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The Closer I Get….

Bonus points to whoever can guess the artist(s) behind the title. There’s probably multiple songs with those lyrics, but there’s only one in my brain. It’s five days until surgery. I’m not nervous about the surgery – my surgeon is more than capable. It’s all the things that might / maybe / could come outContinue reading “The Closer I Get….”

Too Much Time….

Welp, now I’ll have Styx stuck in my head all day. Sigh. Finding a therapist is literally the worst experience ever. I’m not cut out for virtual therapy, which is the “easy” way. Finding an “in network” therapist – the pits. And how do you decide who’s going to work and who isn’t? The longContinue reading “Too Much Time….”

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