This Again?

Yep, this again. Except this time, it’s breast cancer. Follow along as I navigate. It’s not going to be pretty (the blog OR the “trip”) – but it’ll be honest.

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Too much.

I am overwhelmed and feeling my stress levels skyrocket. If you can spare some good thoughts…..

Eleven days

Eleven days from surgery. The bowling ball is getting painful, but there’s nothing to be done. It’s tugging on the wound site, hurts throughout, and is causing back pain. The 26th can’t come soon enough. The side effects have also started from the hormone therapy. Joint pain is the primary – my fingers, feet, andContinue reading “Eleven days”

No news…

No updates because there’s nothing to update on! My boob feels like a giant water balloon that keeps getting bigger. My energy levels are still crap. And surgery is still scheduled for 4/26. /end 🙂

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