Lyrical Wanderings and The #Truth about Exhaustion

The general idea here is to start most of these off with relevant lyrics… but the truth is that today, I’m too exhausted to even try. We all have felt exhausted at some point or another. It’s that point when you just… can’t. Even thinking about doing something feels like exerting too much effort. IContinue reading “Lyrical Wanderings and The #Truth about Exhaustion”

“I’ve Been Down That Road Before”

“Go get you some treatments just like I’ve hadAnd you wont hanker for moreI’ve really learned the meaning of living and loving‘Cause I’ve been down that road before.” I met with the surgeon this morning, who is basically befuddled. She’s great – but she’s perplexed. It didn’t “look” like cancer. It “looked” like autoimmune complications.Continue reading ““I’ve Been Down That Road Before””