And So It Begins…

The Closer I Get….

Bonus points to whoever can guess the artist(s) behind the title. There’s probably multiple songs with those lyrics, but there’s only one in my brain. It’s five days until surgery. I’m not nervous about the surgery – my surgeon is more than capable. It’s all the things that might / maybe / could come outContinue reading “The Closer I Get….”

Too Much Time….

Welp, now I’ll have Styx stuck in my head all day. Sigh. Finding a therapist is literally the worst experience ever. I’m not cut out for virtual therapy, which is the “easy” way. Finding an “in network” therapist – the pits. And how do you decide who’s going to work and who isn’t? The longContinue reading “Too Much Time….”

Ramble On…..

Lymph node biopsies – benign / nothing to worry about. They’re enlarged and weird but not cancerous, so whatever. Rheumatologist – sent me to the vampires. Basically said that based on what he’s seeing, from past pathologies and lab work, the skin issues are likely an immune response to the cancer. Apparently one of theContinue reading “Ramble On…..”

FINALLY a step forward

Whew, it’s been a week. The lymph node biopsy went well. Easy procedure. The IV took forever to get started, but that’s no surprise. The doc tried to look with an ultrasound first, because that’s generally easier, but no dice. So we had to do it with the CT scan. They gave me just enoughContinue reading “FINALLY a step forward”

A bit of good news

Let me preface this by saying that I haven’t talked to any of my doctors yet. This is just me reading medical reports and trying to make sense of them. And trying to be patient about talking to my doctors. BUT. The CT scan came back and didn’t really say anything we didn’t already know.Continue reading “A bit of good news”

Pieces of a Puzzle

I told my mom today that I feel like I’m being handed the pieces to a puzzle, but I don’t yet have the picture on the box to know what the puzzle looks like. I don’t even know if all these pieces fit together to make a single puzzle, or if I’m working with multipleContinue reading “Pieces of a Puzzle”


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